Engineering geology is a multidisciplinary science which reaches namely into geology, civil engineering and environment protection. It is based on classical geology, which studies compositions of rocks, their age and mode of origin and combines this knowledge with studying of mechanical (technical) properties of soils (firmness, compressibility, penetrability etc.). The engineering-geological research is currently an essential part of preparation of projects of linear and areal buildings and family houses.

We offer in the area of engineering geology:
  • engineering-geological researches for determining foundation conditions when founding both large and small buildings
  • solution proposals for improving foundation conditions for realization of buildings
  • geomonitoring and georadar measurement of buildings from the aspect of the stability of the area
  • engineering-geological researches in land planning (prospecting of landslide areas etc.)
  • engineering-geological researches for environmental usage (prospecting of suitable sites for realization of dumps etc.)
  • geotechnical consultation activity
  • geotechnical calculations and design of foundations
  • laboratory tests of soils (see laboratory work)
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