Technical Equipment

Geophysical apparatuses:

  • atomic potassium magnetometer GSMP-30 (GEM Systems, Canada)
  • atomic cesium magnetometer G-858 (Geometrics, Canada)
  • proton digital magnetometers with both point and continual measuring:
    • GSM-19 Walkgrad with VLF sensor (GEM Systems, Canada)
    • GEM Overhauser (GEM Systems, Canada)
  • georadar system RAMAC X3M (GeoScience Mala, Sweden)
  • equipment for measurement of very long waves VDV-1 (Geofyzika, the Czech Republic)
  • digital conuctometer CMD-4 (GF Instruments, Brno)
  • digital multifrequency conductometer GEM-2k (Geophex, USA)
  • automatic resistivity system ARES II/1 (GF Instruments, Brno)
  • analog geoelectric apparatuses GESKA-II a GEVY-1000 (Geofyzika, the Czech Republic)
  • digital geoelectric apparatus SAS-1000 (ABEM, Sweden)
  • multielectrode electrical tomography ARS 200E Automatic Rezistivity System (GF Instruments, Brno)
  • seismic equipment SYSMATRACK-24 (MAE s.r.l., Italy)
  • seismic equipment MINILOC (ABEM, Sweden)
  • criminalistic metal detector DISCOVERER (Geofyzika, the Czech Republic)
  • pyrotechnical metal detectors 3900/D-Pro-Plus a XL6000-Pro (WHITE´S, Scotland)
  • radiometer RBGT-62

Other field apparatuses:

  • drilling construction hydraulic unit Multidrill Hyndaga, FORD RANGER 4×4 (FRASTE s.p.a.)
  • drilling construction hydraulic unit Multidrill Hyndaga, Mazda BT-50 (FRASTE s.p.a.)
  • mechanical engineering for a dynamic penetration MDP 30, 50, 63,5 kg (Teco Trade s.r.o., the Czech Republic)
  • electrocentre BOSCH and a unit for test pumping and sampling from the depth up to 65 m (GRUNDFOS)
  • diamond drilling system HILTI DD 250E for sampling concrete
  • set for dynamic sampling of groundwater (GIGANT)
  • device for measuring electrochemical parameters of water (pH, conductixity, temperature, salinity, RL, LDO) HACH HQ40d with probes IntelCAL
  • total station Leica TC-407
  • station GPS-60 EU (Garmin)
  • geodetic compasses (Suunto, Finland)
  • pen-type pocket penetrometer (Geospol, the Czech Republic)
  • samplers for static underground and surface water intake
  • electrocontact level indicators G-10, G-20 (NPK Europe)
  • sampling set GEO DUPLO PLUS (COMET-PUMPEN Systemtechnik GmbH&Co.KG)

Laboratory apparatuses:

    • magnetic susceptibility measuring apparatus KLF-4 (AGICO, the Czech Republic)
    • kappameter KT-6 (SATISGEO, the Czech Rep.)
    • pH-meter PH-5011A with automatic temperature compensation (FK Technics, the Czech Republic)
    • laboratory equipment for determining the mechanical properties of soils and rocks