In connection with contacts obtained in the past during the time of our employees work in archaeological, geological and construction fields, the company has been developing numerous activities abroad, both operational and educational.

  • mutual scientific and technical cooperation with the University of Salzburg, including an exchange staff and students on the basis of long-term cooperation (July 2013)
  • courses of geophysical measuring for foreign students
  • since 2010 we co-finance issuance of the newly estabilished sicentific magazine Interdisciplinaria Archeologica - Natural Sciences of Archeology. We also contribute by scientific papers to this journal

1) archeological activities

  • study visit in Budapest (MTA Centre for Energy Research, Etvs Lornd University) - application of non-destructive methods in archeology (2012, 2013)
  • Slovakia Nitra, Spisk Nov Ves geophysical measurement (2004)
  • Sweden Uppsala, Vuollerim geophysical measurement (2003)
  • Germany Treuchtlingen geophysical measurement (2002)
  • Austria Hallstatt archaeological works (1997)
  • Austria Thaya geophysical measurement (1996)
  • Austria Krems participation and presentation at the workshop Geophysical Metods in Archeology (1994)
  • Austria Graz Nording geophysical measurement (1993)

2) geophysical activities

  • Poland, Hungary exploratory and supervising works on 3D seismic measurements (2006, 2007)
  • Norway Bergen, Kristiansund oil exploratory works, Norway Sea coast (2005)
  • France Pau interpretation of 3D seismic measurement (2002, 2003)
  • Austria Salzburg geophysical measurement for a highway construction (2002)
  • Austria Salzburg organizing courses of geophysical apparatuses and geophysical measurement for geology students of the UNIVERSITY OF SALZBURG (2001 2007)
  • United Arabian Emirates Dubai presentation of 3D seismic methods (2000)
  • Austria Linz presentation of geophysical works for hydrogeological purposes (2000)
  • Hungary Budapest, Slovakia Michalovce petrophysical properties of rocks from oil wells (1996)
  • Oman Muscat cooperation on 3D seismic interpretation (1996, 1997)
  • Sweden Mala instructional georadar measurement (1995)
  • France Paris study visit aimed at GF data processing at CGG Massy (1994, 1995)

3) engineering geology and hydrogeology activities

  • Germany Q-CELLS INTERNATIONAL GMBH - engineering-geological survey for the construction of photovoltaic power (2010)
  • Germany MEDAC mbH - ecological audit (2010)
  • Slovakia the northeast Carpathian Mountains - pyrotechnical research in the site of fights from the end of WW II (2008)
  • Croatia Rijeka research for industrial complex (2007, 2008)
  • Corsica geological expedition (2003)
  • Switzerland Luzern, Basilei work in cooperation with Technical and Architectural University (2003)
  • Slovakia Bansk tiavnica and its vicinity exploration of the thermal sources (1999)
  • Austria Graz participation in hydrogeological survey for localizing a water source (1998)
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