The application of geophysical methods is today a part of complex researches in building industry, engineering geology, hydrogeology, archaeology and pyrotechnics.

We apply geophysical research widely in the processes of realization and designing of large dimension engineering structures (both ground and underground - highways, industrial complexes), but also with particular buildings (dwelling construction, shopping centres, sources of water, liquidation of old environmental burdens, exploration of the underground, monitoring of dumps etc.).

We provide designing services, realization, processing and interpretation for the following methods:
  • vertical electric sounding (VES), electric profiling (EP), dipole electromagnetic profiling (DEMP) and multifrequency profiling (MFP), method of very long waves (VLW)
  • georadar measurement
  • electrical resistivity tomography (ERT)
  • seismic reflex and refraction measurement (MRS)
  • atom and proton magnetometry
  • metal-detecting methods of research
We further provide consultation, counseling, lector and supervising activity, professional courses.

Output examples

Magnetometry interpretation of ditch enclosure in Kyjov

Georadar indication of hollows (the eliv monastery)

Geological-geophysical section profile 2 VES

Map of isolines of bedrock depths

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