Laboratory of the GEODRILL s.r.o. company is accredited by SN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018. The aim of the soil mechanics laboratory is to provide high quality of the performed tests. The laboratory workers cooperate closely with the department of engineering geology, where the results are professionally evaluated and interpreted according to valid technical standards.

Measuring instruments and other equipment we use are regularly calibrated by accredited institutions.

Performed tests:
  • determination of water content acc. to SN EN ISO 17892-1
  • determination of particle density acc. to SN EN ISO 17892-3
  • determination of particle size distribution acc. to SN EN ISO 17892-4
  • determination of Atterberg limits acc. to SN CEN ISO/TS 17892-12
  • determination of density of fine grained soils acc. to SN CEN ISO 17892-2
  • determination of edometric deformation modulus to SN EN ISO 17892-5
  • swelling pressure acc. to SN EN ISO 17892-5
  • direct shear test acc. to SN EN ISO 17892-10
  • determination of swelling soils
  • determination od collapsibility soils
  • Proctor test - determination of compaction acc. to SN EN 13286-2
  • California Load Ratio (CBR), Immediate Index of Resilience (IBI), and Linear Swelling acc. to SN EN 13286-47
  • determination of grain aggregate acc. to SN EN 933-1
  • determination of hardness of concrete and rocks stepping tester (Schmidt - typ N)


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