In last years, pyrotechnical research becomes an integral part of construction of large buildings. Finds of objects of the character of ammunition, namely form the World War II period, are still more numerous as the construction industry develops.

We perform pyrotechnical research in two different applications:
  • On large buildings (industrial complexes, highway construction, road relocations etc.) We provide complex pyrotechnical research by surface metal detection and magnetometry, complemented with electromagnetic methods, in combination with verification and pyrotechnical operation (localizing by a metal detector, magnetically and by a test-pit). The research, carried out on the whole area and complemented by verifying of the obtained results, is multiply secured and eliminates the possibility of an undesirable find or ammunition or an explosion during the construction works
  • Research of small areas, where the type or the approximate position of the ammunition is known. We usually perform such research by surface localization magnetically or by metal detection and by proving dug holes.
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