Geophysical research

Road R7 Holice Mlieany 2019
SRAO geophysical survey for the description of geological structure 2018
D1 highway, 01191.B,C detailed survey  2018
Road I/38 Znojmo-Hat  2015-2016
Tunnel Krupka analysis rail connection Lovosice-Dresden  2015
Road I/41 Brno, Bratislava radial 2015
GF survey for Czech Geological Survey, region 2 and 3  2015
Road R5206.1 Mikulov  2015
Sewerage Plze-Bokov mapped for bedrock 2014-2015
3D seismic measurement Kty supervising activity 2014
Castle Psen georadar measurement 2014
Trenn georadar survey the site 2014
Srnojedy georadar survey the lock chamber 2014
Martinice - mapping of dam seepage 2013
Kvasice, Devnice, Dobice, Ladn, Rohatec - mapping of banks and bottom for rerouting the VTL pipeline 2013
Road I/42 Brno - Vinohrady, large city circle road tunnel 2012-2014
Plumlov - Podhradsk pond mapping of dam seepage  2012
Bezn exploration of the deposit of building stone 2012
Bratislava georadar measurement weakened the tram tunnel 2012
Pelou georadar survey for plant extension Kiekert 2012
Castle Veve 2011
Vr water supply line - survey of the crash site 2011
Bulhary mapping of landslide river Dyje 2011
Ivanice mapping of landslide slope 2011
Blov road I/57 mapping of landslide 2010-2014
Slovakia 3D seismic measurements 2010
Star Libav survey of landfill 2010
North Moravia landslide areas 2010
Jetichov measurement 2010
CARGO Ostrava-Monov 2010
Kujavy find a water source 2010
Road I/42 Marian Square tunnel  2010
Road I/42 Red Hill tunnel 2009-2010
Ostrava stadium 2009
D1 highway Hotice km 234,0-234,3 2009
Hrkav landslide remediation 2009
Eastern Slovakia seismic measurements 2009
Central European Synchrotron Laboratory (CESLAB) 2009
Road I/42 Tomek Square 2008-2010
Road I/42 Dobrovsky tunnels georadar measurement 2008-2009
Road I/57 in vicinity of Valask Mezi and tunnel Bystika 2008-2009
Construction project 511, Bchovice D1 highway 2008
Mokr quarry karst phenomena 2007-2014 2007-2019
3D seismic measurement Podivn Valtice supervising activity 2007
Brno - Vinohrady, large city circle road tunnel 2007
D 2 highway Hustopee km 25,1-25,3, landslide localization 2007
Uhice 3D seismic measurement supervising activity 2006
Vran, district of Nov Jin gravel-sands deposit  2006
D 47 highway, construction project 4704 Lipnk n. Bevou Blotn pile integrity test 2006
Vr water supply conduit the crash site survey 2005, 2011

Engineering geology

Waterworks reconstruction Orlk detailed survey 2019
Road I/38 Lutnice - jezd 2019 2019
Highway D35 Opatovec - Star Msto detailed survey  2019
Bystice pod Lopenkem survey for land consolidation 2018-2019
jezd u Uniova survey for land consolidation 2018
de survey for land consolidation 2017-2018
Brno, Cejl multifunctional building  2016
Brno extension of the tram tracks Osov  2016
Road I/33 Jarom, bypass 2016
Road I/57 Valask Mezi-Jarcov preliminary survey of construction project 2016
Highway D3, Vclavice clutch preliminary survey of construction project 2015-2016
Highway D1, section 6 pegging points 2015-2016
Engineering-geological survey for dry dikes on the river Morava 2015-2016
Road I/38 Znojmo-Hat preliminary survey of construction project 2015-2016
Highway D3, feeder Tnec nad Szavou preliminary survey of construction project 2015
Expressway R35 Opatovec-Star Msto preliminary survey of construction project 2015
Road I/35 Sadov-Plotit detailed survey 2015
Brno, esk and Stedov streets 2015
Expressway R46, MK Vykov a Drysice detailed survey 2015
Expressway R11 1109 Trutnov - state border Czech Rep./Poland preliminary survey of construction project 2015
Road I/42 Brno, MK Ostrava radial preliminary survey of construction project  2015
Modernization of railway line Pardubice-Stblov  2015
Expressway R5506 Napajedla-Babice detailed survey (km 2,655-3,800 a km 5,700-7,950) 2014-2015
Road I/11 Opava north bypass western past 2014-2015
Road I/35 Len - Palaov - detailed GTP, connection R48 2014-2015
Road I/49 Vizovice Lhotsko detailed engineering-geological survey 2014-2015
Brno, Teb LIDL shop  2014, 2015
GSM-R poles along the route Koln Havlkv Brod Kianov Brno 2014
Road I/42 Brno Lesk crossroad hydrogeological boreholes 2014
Road I/38 bypass Znojmo hydrogeological boreholes 2014
Brno ZETOR area 2014
Kuim sports hall 2014
Doln Dunajovice - engineering-geological survey for the construction of chimneys for emergency depressurization 2013
Road I/42 Brno - Vinohrady, large city circle road tunnel 2012-2014
Road I/35 Len - Palaov - detailed GTP in km 2,400 - 7,500 2012-2013
Ostrava science and technology park 2012
Pchov production hall 2012
Ostrov u Macochy assessment of building land 2012
Boskovice auto show and shop with garden equipment 2012
Expressway R 5510 Bzenec - Bzenec, Pvoz detailed survey 2012
Expressway R 5509 Moravsk Psek - Bzenec detailed survey 2012
GSM poles along the route Dn Vetaty Koln  2012
Hovorany, Kostelec u Kyjova, Draovice small reservoirs 2012
Plumlov Podhradsk pond dam 2012
Kenov, Korytn small water reservoirs 2011
Bulhary project updates landslide slope 2011
Huln electricity substation TR 110/22 kV 2011
Jihlava Shopping centre Jihlava 2011
R 5508 Star Msto-Moravsk Psek detailed GTP 2010-2011
Kuim-Meziho industrial zone 2010-2011
Brno-Holsky construction of houses 2010
CARGO Ostrava-Monov 2010
South Moravia - photovoltaic power plants 2009-2010
D1 highway expansion of road, construction project 01171 Kvalka-Bosonohy 2009-2010
R 52 Pohoelice - state border Austria/Czech Rep. 2009
Bohumilice photovoltaic power plant 2009
Koclov u Karvin photovoltaic power plant 2009
Petrovice u Karvin poles GSM 2009
Brno-heating plant expansion of operations 2009
Drsov construction of houses 2009
Blansko extending the area of technical services 2009
Central European Synchrotron Laboratory (CESLAB) 2009
D1 highway expansion of road, construction project 01191 Star Lskovec-Brno, jih 2009
Expressway R 55 Moravsk Psek Beclav, detailed survey of construction project 5506 Napajedla Babice 2008-2014
Road I/42 Tomek Square 2008-2010
Road I/42 Tomek Square 2008
Hluk Ostrosk Lhota building of bikeway 2008
Road I/57 in vicinity of Valask Mezi and tunnel Bystika 2008
Expressway R 55 Moravsk Psek Beclav, preliminary survey of construction projects 5501, 5508, 5511  2008
Vodn Street in Brno building of two six-storey buildings 2007
D 47 Lipnk nad Bevou - state border Poland/Czech Rep. 2006-2010
Vran, district of Nov Jin gravel-sands deposit 2006
Brno 2 ilingrovo Square reconstruction of City house and building of underground garages 2006
Philosophical Faculty of the Masaryk University of Brno reconstruction of the area 2006
RaodI/33 Jarom, obchvat  

Hydrogeological research

Brno - Komn Hydrogeological Survey in abandoned animal shelter 2018
Road I/38 Znojmo bypass III. 2014-2019
Road I/35 Lechovice bypass hydrogeological monitoring  2014-2016
Expressway R 5510 Bzenec - Bzenec, Pvoz hydrogeological monitoring 2012-2014
ertky hydrogeological survey for construction of water supply 2012-2014
Expressway R 5206 Pern state border Czech Rep. / Austria hydrogeological monitoring  2012-2013
Road I/57 bypass Krnov building and hydrogeological monitoring 2012-2013
Luhaovice Augustinian house hydrogeological boreholes 2012
Expressway D1 0137 Perov - Lipnk nad Bevou hydrogeological monitoring  2011-2015
D 4704 Lipnk nad Bevou - Blotn hydrogeological monitoring 2011-2013
Road I/42 Tomek Square hydrogeological monitoring 2010-2014
Road I/42 Dobrovsky tunnels - Svitavsk radila hydrogeological survey and monitoring 2010-2014
D 4706 Hladk ivotice - Blovec hydrogeological monitoring 2010-2014
R 5506 Napajedla-Babice hydrogeological monitoring 2009-2014
Hostnice construction and monitoring of water source 2009-2010
Lom Mokr verification HG regime Hotnice stream 2009
Road I/57 tunnel Bystika 2009
Holsky lakes, cadastral district Brno revitalization of natural monument  2007
Lom Mokr prediction of underground water contamination 2007
Dump in Medlov, district of Olomouc complemetary survey for 3rd stage building 2006
Expressway R3508, km 140,35-140,58. Determination of thickness, cubic capacity and landfill layers contamination, cadastral district Olomouc Needn  2004-2008

Pyrotechnical survey

Highway D5506 Napajedla Babice, D5507 Babice Star Msto 2019
Dobany construction of the hall 2018
Pipeline Kateinsk stream pyrotechnic study 2018
Valtice pipeline construction 2015-2016
Brno, Jehnice  2015
Highway D3, feeder Tnec nad Szavou 2015
Hradit u Chebu construction of buildings 2015
Expressway D3, Vclavice clutch 2015
Modernization of railway line Pardubice-Stblov 2015
Road I/34 Skla bridge 2014
"Vrchbl" a "IN-LINE park Bezdz"  2014
Milovice military area 2014
Highway D3 0309/III Borek - siln 2012-2013
R 5505 Otrokovice ring road 2012-2013
I/57 Krnov northeastern ring road 2012-2013
Highway D3 0308C Vesel nad Lunic - Boilec 2012-2013
Road I/11 Opava - northeastern bypass 2012-2013
D 1 0137 Perov Lipnk nad Bevou  2012
Brno ernovice terrace 2011-2012
R7 MK Droukovice - MK Nov Spoice 2011
D 3 construction project 0307A Tbor - Sobslav 2010
Ostrava-Monov painting 2010
Ostrava extension of the street Rudn, road I/11 2009-2011
Hladk ivotice transformer station Kletn 2009
Road I/34 Routany - Pohled 2009
Opava Mokr Lazce, road I/11 2008-2009
Moravsk Budjovice road I/38 2008
Opava link road S 1 2008
Praha by-pass road, construction project 512 2008
R 55 Moravsk Psek Beclav 2007-2009
D 1 highway, construction project 0134.1 Moice - Kojetn 2006
Vran, district of Nov Jin retention basin 2006

The most significant investors of the abovementioned projects are:

Roads and Highways Directorate of the Czech Republic
Brno Municipality
Ostrava Municipality
INSET s.r.o.
GeoTec-GS, a.s.
MOTT MACDONALD Prague, s.r.o.
eskomoravsk cement, a.s. (Czech-Moravian Cement)
Moravsk naftov doly, a.s. (Moravian Oil Mines)
Organs of state self-government
Regional museums
State scientific institutions
SG Geotechnika a.s.
NAFTA a.s., Bratislava

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